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Behind the scenes
Company: Axon

Role: Art Director

Project: Photography for DEMS & My90

Photographer: Stephen Sperenza


Axon is the leader in public safety technology around the globe and two of their flagship products, DEMS (Digital Evidence Management Software) and My90 (an engagement tool that connects police and communities) needed marketing photography to support their campaigns. 


With a tight deadline and even tighter budget, I needed to figure out the best way to get bespoke on-brand images captured that raised the bar of Axon marketing photography quickly and at a low cost to my business partners. If I could partner with local police and get them involved with planning locations and casting, that would help me focus on the art direction and shot planning. 

My Role

I got in contact with a Sergeant at Pasco PD (my local  police department) and he was able to get us access into some amazing locations free of charge like detective offices, dispatch centers, and training facilities. They also helped bring in friends and family for casting to save on costs by thousands of dollars. 

I did an initial location scout with them the week before, dialed in which shots would be done with which cast at each location, and built out the day-to-day call times. The day before the shoot I met with the photographer and producer who flew in from Colorado and walked through each scene with the cast and crew to make sure we were dialed for the two days we had on the calendar.

The morning of, we were super dialed and ready to roll. We ended up shooting 4 company moves in our first day with 16 cast members. Almost unheard of in this industry. On day two we locked in the rest of our shots in another 4 locations with even more cast including a public food truck and coffee shop. Within 3 days of being on set, we were able to successfully wrap with everything in the can.



We shot over 5,000 images and dialed them down to 140 select images. I partnered with a Jr Designer on our team to touch up badges, patches, and vehicles to make them agnostic to any police department and dropped in UI screens to devices. 

We were able to get these rolled out to our business partners with 100% success, under budget, and other teams at the company noticed how smooth the process went that more shoots were subsequently booked.

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