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Company: NIKE, Inc

Role: Brand Designer

Project: Design the logo, branding, and apparel for Nike Global Finance


Nike's Global Finance division was doing a major overhaul of their processes worldwide and part of that budget was allotted to hire a Brand Designer to create a unique brand identity. They hired me two months into the process and I had exactly one month to get this launched in seven geographies worldwide including Converse in Boston.


The human problem at hand was that every team at Nike had their own identity except finance. I needed to make them feel like true Nike employees with a unique brand. I then needed to design brand collateral and even custom bicycles like the rest of the teams around campus were riding. Finally, i needed to create brand guidelines and executive presentation decks that were easy to use for people  who might not necessarily understand technical design terms or practices.

My Role 

I went full heads-down mode for the next 14 days and dove into the researching as many finance brands and Nike logos I could find. Next I sketched 200-300 ideas while working side-by-side with the marketing manager to refine the top 10 concepts. After several rounds of iteration between my manager and director, I had three polished logos to present to the VPs and stakeholders. The hero logo was chosen and CFO and Executive VP gave the final stamp of approval. 


The logo was done in under two weeks and off to the printers for the global launch of the new FutureFI brand. Brand guidelines and executive presentation deck templates were created and successfully launched in seven geographies within the 30 day deadline. My contract was extended because more teams within finance wanted their own identities. I went on to create logos and branded collateral for teams including SWIFT, Global LEAN, Treasury, and Accounting. 

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