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Company: Amazon

Role: Art Director

Project: Webinar series to showcase Amazon's DSP program

Creative Director: Clayton Taylor

Production: Bruton Stroube

DP: Brandon Voges


Amazon's Delivery Service Partner (DSP) program is a unique way for people who want to be business owners and partner with Amazon. There is a lot to learn before getting started so the marketing team wanted to launch a webinar series for their newly developed acquisition site,,


I was to make sure the shot list, script, cast, props, wardrobe, HMU, and overall art direction were on brand and raised the bar for the company. This would require long days on set with folks who had little to no experience being on camera. It would also require shooting hours of b-roll to help show what a day-in-the-life of a DSP looked like. By the time I got back on the plane to come home, I needed to have enough content for 13 individual webinars to cover the entire DSP program from soup to nuts. Oh and it also had to cover privacy and legal requirements for both the US and Canada.

My Role

I flew to St. Louis, MO to work side-by-side with our production partners on two different sets shooting Amazon employees and current DSP owners, along with a background cast of about a dozen extras. Not only did I help direct what was going on in the background, I worked with the speakers line by line to correctly annunciate and clearly state the key words that were provided in their scripts. 

Once everything was shot, I came home to work with our editing partners in Austin to art direct the on-screen graphics, transitions, and edits to b-roll. 


This series took a lot of work. 13 videos being directed with two agencies in different parts of the country while adhering to marketing, legal, and privacy standards was a lot to unpack! At the end of the day, the series successfully launched in North America and Canada. You can view the entire series here

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