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Client: Atlantic Records

Role: Art Director / Photographer

Assignment: Photograph and art direct several campaigns for recording artist

Tony D'Angelo

Tony D'Angelo - Wildcard (2011)Artist Name
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Atlantic Records had signed Tony D'Angelo to their record label as a solo artist. He had about a dozen songs recorded and now it was time to work on the visual side of his career. I had toured with Tony in the past and we grew up in the same area so he reached out to me to see if I could be his personal designer. I immediately jumped in.


Work with Tony and his management to create an image that accurately reflected

his sound. As a solo pop artist on a major label, every detail had to be adhered to and the art direction had to enhance the listener's experience.

My Role 

I started off by standing up a handful of informational meetings with Tony and his management team in NYC to learn about their vision for his career development and gather the list of deliverables needed. I started by directing a photoshoot at the record label I was currently at and built his website to get his new music out to the masses. I used a variety of Photoshop techniques to enhance and exaggerate the imagery. This shoot led to enough collateral for album cover imagery, tour posters for his debut on The Warped Tour, and marketing materials during that first summer including a sold out arena show with Ludacris. 


The speed at which I rolled out these graphics at such a high level of precision and accuracy to Tony's sound impressed not only Tony himself, but also his management and the folks at Atlantic. They went on to hire me for his second album rollout which led to more work within the music industry and I took on about a dozen more clients.

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