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Client: Budweiser / InBev

Role: Art Director / Designer

Assignment: Create two posters for upcoming Budweiser and Bud Light campaigns


Budweiser put out a brief looking for two campaign posters: one for Budweiser that needed to represent "The King of Beers" and one for Bud Light with the phrase "Here We Go." Their bounty was $10k to get them done but it had to be within 48 hours.



I needed to quickly come up with two unique campaigns that matched their relatively broad brief and execute to a high level in order to win this bid.  To do that I would have to dive deep into my resources and skills at hand to make it happen.


My Role

The first thing I did was work on The King of Beers idea. What were regal, kingly concepts out there that would be new and outstanding for a beer company? I saw the chess board in my office and "King me" was the phrase I was going to lean on. I sketched out some rough ideas and went straight into Cinema 4D to create the chess board and glass. I finished up the foam/crown logo, dropped in the topography, and did overall color correction in Photoshop and in one afternoon had a finished product.

For Bud Light, I wanted to celebrate this moment that happened in Seattle. I called up a photography studio in Maryland with my idea and art directed the shoot from 2,500 miles away. I comped together their work with the stadium, ball, beer, and type and by the next afternoon, campaign two was in the can.


I sent both campaigns in to their agency within 48 hours and got a call that week saying I had won the campaign and they were going to print. Mission accomplished.

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