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Client: INRIX

Role: Art Director

Assignment: Art direct two videos for new product features

Production: Vossler

Director: Josiah Savage


INRIX empowers the world with the best data, insights and tools to improve mobility from the first-mile to the last providing tech for companies like BMW and Audi. They wanted to showcase their new OpenCar and Parking technologies and hired Vossler Media as the agency to product those videos. I was hired as Art Director and UI Designer.


Translate the script from the Creative Director and work with the design team and film crew to bring INRIX's technology to life in a visual way. Create the UI elements and work with animation team to make the intangible elements easy to comprehend for their customer. Work with client on several revisions until the product was perfect.

My Role

INRIX was using these videos to mostly land major automotive clients in Berlin so we chose local city scenes, actors, and vehicles to make it look like we shot in Europe. I spent several hours diving into INRIX's new tech and the current HUD displays on the market to create a futuristic driving experience unlike any on the market. After creating the UI on screen elements, I worked with the head of animation to dial in exactly how each element would interact with the shot footage. For the map, I found an open source map of Berlin and worked with the CG artist to turn that map into a 3d interactive tool. Then the animation team used more of my UI elements to make that map look like it was part of the car's system.


The intangible technological benefits were realized in a smart way and was delivered successfully to the client before the deadline hit. The videos were used to win new business and are still featured on to showcase their software.

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