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Behind the scenes
Company: Amazon

Role: Art Director

Project: Marketing photography for Flex program in Singapore

Production: Weave

Photographer: Sam Chin


Amazon was expanding their Flex Driver program into Singapore and needed marketing photography to represent their unique city/state. I had less than two months to plan, execute, and deliver with about 10% of the budget normally allocated for a shoot like this.


My job was to capture the culture of Amazon Flex through the lens of the Singaporean culture, but on a shoe-string budget. I needed to showcase both male and female Chinese, Indian, and Malay customers and drivers.
This also needed to be done at three unique homes and environments distinct to Singapore and more broadly to SE Asia.

My Role

I worked remotely with my in-market business partner to dial in the shot list and hired a local production company to spearhead the initial casting and location scouting. Once I arrived on location, I spent a week in our Amazon Singapore offices prepping with my business partners and production crew to plan out every shot on every day to maximize the budget for the shoot. Then I traveled to each shooting location to make sure logistics lined up and met with the final casting selects to dial in wardrobe and adjust last minute casting decisions. Finally, I spent three days with the production crew and DP to capture several thousand images that would be whittled down to 30 final selects.


Within a relatively short amount of time from planning to execution to deliverables, the Singapore marketing team had an ample supply of marketing images unique to their country that they were proud to use. By showing up in person to work alongside the cast, crew, and partners, I was able to build trust and deliver results.

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