Outside of digital and print, I have years of experience working in digital video. Here’s a few examples from T-Mobile commissioned projects through Vossler Media Group where I worked in collaboration with talented creative directors, directors, animators, and more. 


Richard Sherman + Beats

I provided art direction for a 5-part series of stop motion art driven pieces mixed with live action. Leading up to the shoot I used Photoshop and InDesign to comp together storyboards and key highlights to prep the production crew.



Design for one of T-Mobile’s yearly April Fools pranks featuring CEO John Legere and other executives. I was tasked with creating the onscreen graphics to look like a T-Mobile version of the Home Shopping Network. Lots of magenta—always!


Designing on screen graphics and collaborating with animators to track the graphics to the actress on screen.

TL;DR Freelance Art Director and designer for T-Mobile commercials.

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